Centre for Muscle and Bone Research 

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The center for muscle and bone research of Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin is an interdisciplinary research group with the aim of performing translational and applied research in an universitary environment.

Our musculoskeletal research includes diverse fundamental questions from basic research and those from the clinical practice as for example on osteoporosis, rare bone diseases, muscle weakness and muscle loss (sarcopenia) as well as arthrosis. Further main focuses are the development and evaluation of radiological diagnosis specifically for musculoskeletal diseases, as well as muscular training studies to maintain or improve muscular strength and power and bone strength. The muscle as an endocrine organ is also in the focus of our current and future research.

A special issue of our research including the above mentioned topics constitutes the space medicine, which is realized in cooperation with DLR, ESA and NASA. Since the beginning of the new millennium bed rest studies are been performed in our research center (the first of these in Germany was the Berlin Bed Rest Study realized at the Charité, CBF), since then there has been a continuously successful close collaboration with our national and international space agencies.

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The Center for Muscle and Bone Research is situated in Campus Benjamin Franklin:

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